Improve buildings and you improve people’s lives 

A whopping 33% of the U.S. population lives in a rented apartment, and these apartments are power guzzlers. We can reduce their power bill by 2/3 with Green Retrofits and solar panels.




We purchase a 10 unit building for $1,800,000  with a 25% down payment, ($450,000). We add an additoonal $70,000 into the loan for energy efficiency retrofits and solar panels. We have reduced the utility bill by 2/3. We then increase the rents to reflect the tenant’s utility bill expense plus their Wi Fi payment, and keep the spread as profit. We advertise to the tenants:  Free utilities and Free Wi-Fi in a Low Carbon Footprint environment. 


Facts and formulas:

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Californians consume an average of 562 kilowatt hours per month. They pay an average of 16.25 cents per kilowatt hour, and have a monthly bill of $104.00.  Add a $39.00 Wi Fi bill = $143.00 total monthly utility bill x 12 months = $17,000. Add $5,000 for water heating and house lighting = $22,000 annual utility cost. We have reduced this to $4,500 per year thru our retrofits, or by about 2/3. 


We then green retrofit and reduce the electric bill by 40%, (per Build It Green California), from $22,000 to $13,200, Expressed in kWh: 562 watts Less 40% = 337 kWh x 10 units = 3,337 kWh per month X 12 months = 40,000 kWh per year.)


Solar Panels power formula:

40,000 kWh / 1.50 solar production ratio = 26,665 kWh / 300 watt panels =88 panels. @ $600 installed each = $52,800 in solar panels



$52,800 = 88 solar panels.

$10,000 new solar water heater

$ 7,200 insulation, led lights, caulking and repairs

$70,000 @ 5% for 30 years = $375 per month


Basic Green Retrofit steps:


1.Solar Thermal Hot Water Heater:

Solar water heating systems can typically reduce natural gas demand 60% to 70%. Solar thermal uses the sun’s energy to pre-heat water to a hot water storage tank. Heating represents 40% of a typical power bill.


2.Seal building envelope air leaksAdd ceiling insulation, seal air conditioning ducts-possible 30% leakage.


3.Replace light bulbs with

LED and CFL light bulbs. About 20% of your electric bill is lighting. LED and CFL bulbs draw about 80% less energy than a regular bulb. 


4.Energy Star rated appliances:

Replace old stoves and refrigerators with 

Energy Star rated appliances that operate more efficiently.


5.Drought Tolerant landscaping: We can reduce outdoor water usage by 95%, while  giving our building a whole new look.


6.FREE Wi-Fi Hot Spot for all tenants.


7.On Site Recycling


8.Solar Panels: We can now collect the payments from our tenants electricity use.

GREEN BENEFITPer the U.S. Energy Information Administration: Californians consume an average of 562 kilowatt hours of electricity per month, and it takes 1.2 lbs. of coal to produce 1 kWh. In our example: 562 kWh x 10 units = 5,620 kWh x 12 months = 67,440 kWh x 1.2 lbs. coal per kWh = 80,928 lbs. coal per year we believe we can save in our example, after a Green Retrofit.

Fascinating Facts:


A 100 watt light bulb will burn 90 lbs of coal over it's 750 hour lifetime.


An average home burns 10,000 lbs of caol each year.


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