Our formula: Inflation x Leverage x Compound Interest = Profit.

Use the table below and the explanations to answer the three questions at the bottom of the sheet. At that point consider yourself a sophisticated apartment building investor.


To calculate an apartment buildings value. The formula is:

Annual Gross Income $120,000 X 8.33 Gross Rent Multiplier = $1,000,000 Value.

The “GRM” is one of the ways the industry establishes value. The “GRM” number/factor varies from 5 to 20, with 20 being the best location and 5 being the worst.  


To calculate the value of a rent increase. Assume a 4% rent increase: $120,000 + 4% = $124,800. Formula: Increased rent $4,800 x 8.33 GRM = $40,000 divided by $250,000 Down Pmt. = 16% Return.



Value     $1,000,000
Gross rent Multiplier  8.33 Annual Gross Income $120,000
    Less: Total Expenses $ 48,500
Cap Rate 7.33 Net Operating Income $ 71,500
Loan Amount    
1st. TD 75% $750,000 Less: Loan Pmt. $56,886
Down Payment/Cash $250,000 Net Cash Flow $14,614
    Principal reduction $8,136
    Cash Flow + Prin. Reduction $22,750
    Percentage return on cash   9%
4% appreciation rate  =$40,000 Percentage return on cash 16%
Total % Yield     25%


Given: Annual Income increases 4%, from $120,000 to $124,800. GRM = 8.


Question #1: What is the new value of the building?

Formula: Annual Income $_______ x ______G R M = $ _______Value


Question #2: What is the projected return on your down payment/equity with a $4,800 rent increase?

Rent Increase $_______ x 8 GRM=_______ divided by $250,000 down payment = _____% return on equity.


Question #3: In the above chart, if the total yield ( cash flow + loan reduction + appreciation)= 25%, how many years will it take to earn back your down payment?


Use "The rule of 72": If you divide your desired compound rate of return into 72, you get the number of years required for your investment to double.


Formula: 72/ Total yield _____= ______number of years it takes for your investment to double.  



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